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Frankfurt Airport 

Frankfurt Germany Airport


European airports have made large investments in security systems and technology to make their terminals efficient and tourist friendly. 

Many European airports are sleek, well designed and filled with top-of-the-line shops and cafes.  

Be sure to arrive at least two to three hours prior to your flight to Europe and before any intra-Europe flights.   

Frankfurt  airport has been remodelling for the last year or so and allowing only one hour between flight connections is certainly a real challenge.  Additional security checks and gate changes can cost you extra time at large International airports.   

You will save yourself lots of grief by allowing a lot of extra time at the airports. 

Keep your passport and another form of picture identification such as a driving license in a safe easy to get to holding device.   

Don’t’ forget to keep copies of your passport and other important documents in your possession at all times in case the original gets lost. 

After a long 10 or 12 hour flight in another time zone, you land at a very large international airport and need to make a lot of decisions concerning: 

·       Flight connections 

·       Food and meals 

·       Ground transportation 

·       Phone confirmations 

I always have terminal maps of the all the major airports that I will be visiting.  The following link will allow you to find any international airport in the World.  

You can look up major airports in Europe and get all the up to date information direct from their site including terminal maps that you can become familiar with before your arrive.  This will take some of the confusing challenges out of your arrival experience. 

International  Airport Information:   International Airports 


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