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Hotel Reservation Request Form for email or fax




                     From: __________________________________________________

                     Email/fax ___________________________________________

                     Date (day/month/year) ____/____/____

                     Attention Hotel _______________________________________

                     Please book the following reservation:

                     Name: ______________________________________________

                     People: ________         Rooms: _____   Number of nights: ____

                     Arriving: (day/month/year) ____/____/____

                     Time of arrival (24-hour clock): _______

                     Departing: (day/month/year) ____/____/____

                     Room(s): Single ____ Double ____ Twin _____ Triple _____ Larger ____

                     With: Toilet ____ Shower ____ Bath ____ Sink only ____

                     Special needs: View ____ Quiet ____ Ground Floor ____


Mail or fax confirmation of my reservation, along with the type of room reserved along with the price. Please include your cancellation policy. Please advice as soon as possible.  Thank you

You will receive a response and be asked to furnish a credit card number to confirm the reservation.


I usually send this data via fax for security reasons.  Most all European hotels have email and fax numbers listed in the travel guides or on their websites.  If English is not well understood, this is a better way to make sure that your needs are well known.


Note:  If you need to place a phone call to a European destination, please refer to the world clock website and bookmark it.  This site will not only give you the correct time anywhere in the World but has a section on international dialing for telephone calls. You can find all country and city telephone codes listed on the left under other planning tools.

Time and Date:


Let’s say you are trying to call the Hotel Santa Lucia in Venice, Italy from Aliso Viejo, California USA.  The phone number is listed as 39 41 715180.

·       Step 1   International Call Prefix from the USA to Europe (011)

·       Step 2   Country Code (39)

·       Step 3   City Code area code (41)

·       Step 4   Local Number (715180)

·       Step 5   Dial Number (011 39 41 715180)


Note of caution:  Sometimes you will see a 0 in front of the city code listed on the hotel website or advertisement.  This is for local calls within the country and if you are calling from the USA you do not need the 0.  


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