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Most Welcoming Places in Europe


Wecoming places in Europe


Discover Europe by paying a visit. It is the leading tourist destination and has fascinating scenery, affordable hotels. Europe offers family vacations, business vacations and general vacations. Europe has the friendliest people always ready to guide you.  

1. Istanbul, Turkey 

It is the largest city in Turkey and the capital city with a population of 13.9 million people. This makes it the second largest city in the world. The city was named by UNESCO a tourist heritage for its rich past which is one of the main tourist attractions. It was voted first place in Europe under the category of best tourist city in 2012. Other than its historic past, the city boasts of being the only city between two continents (Europe and Asia). The city has two seas, Black sea to the north & Sea of Marmara to the south.  

In 2013, Istanbul will be celebrating 90th anniversary of Ataturk, who founder Turkey.   

2. Lisbon, Portugal 

Lisbon City has long days and good weather. The city offers best panoramic views of the Capital. These include the seven magnificent hills. The best view points are Santa Luzia, Senhora do Monte, Sao Jorge Castle and Graca. These views make the city have another name, City of white Light. 

3. Vienna, Austria 

This is a renowned city for arts and culture. There are many cultural institutions within the city that educates about the culture. The city also boasts for Viennese wine, coffee house and Viennese cuisine. There are museums like the Kunsthistorisches museums and concert halls like the Muth concert hall. Visitors are welcome to view these performances. 

4. Barcelona, Spain 

Barcelona is a modern city with most of it having shops and malls. Every sight in Barcelona is magnificent. The city is home to many of the international brands and also to traditional designer wear.  

No one goes wrong with Barcelona, if you chose shopping or sightseeing, you always find that satisfaction. 

5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

Amsterdam is a city with as many bikes as the residents. It enjoys laid-back and tolerant atmosphere. There are magnificent water winding sights that will leave you breathless. It is also known for these reasons; 

·         Safest city in Europe 

·         Perfect for romantic rendezvous 

·         It is green 

·         Boasts of many canals than Venice 

·         Closest to most beaches  

6. Madrid, Spain 

The city is lively both during the day and night. It gives you a range of offers from shopping, night life, and gastronomy. 

It is home to 0ver 80 museums and over 2,000 monuments both of which are artistic and historic. Major art monuments and museums include; the Reina Sofia national museum, Prado museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza museum and CiaxaForum. 

7. Valetta, Malta 

This is the Europe’s’ smallest city which offers diversity. It is mainly surrounded by water and is recognized as UNESCOs world heritage for its extra ordinary beauty. It has world class hotels and nice beach sights. It has both historic and modern views of the city. You can only know the true beauty if you visited Valetta City.  

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