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Jet Lag

"Coping with Jet Lag...finding some cures" 



You might feel like "the devils of hell" for days after you arrive from a long flight.  There is nothing more frustrating than kicking off your vacation exhausted, jetlagged and feeling like a "zombie" in a foreign land.  Recovering from jet lag can also result in lost productivity for business travelers, military personnel, politicians, diplomats, athletes and entertainers. 

For the vacationer who doesn't want to miss a minute of sightseeing abroad, for the business executive who must be sharp at a meeting soon after landing five time zones away from home, jet lag is a proverbial nuisance. Jet lag can suck the fun out of the first days of your trip to Europe or other international destinations.  This does not have to be….you need not waste part of your trip readjusting your biological clocks.  

This new research report teaches a healthy natural approach to alleviate jet lag symptoms.  I have traveled internationally for over 35 years as a travel writer and consultant and have eliminated the dysfunctional affects of jet lag when I travel.


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