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Seat Guru  

This is a great free site! You look up the name of the airline, and it will show you the specific data on the make and model of the aircraft they are using for this specific flight. You will find a wealth of information including Number of seats in First, business and economy along with important data on audio, video, AC power, food and infants.


Location of Galley and lavatories and emergency exit doors are also well marked. 


     All Seats are Color Keyed

·       Green color-good seat

·       Green and yellow-good seat for some

·       Yellow-Be aware

·       Red-Poor Seat


Link to Seat Guru: 

Luth ansa flies from Los Angeles, CA to Frankfurt, Germany. Flight number LH457 is a Boeing 747-400.

·       Go to Seat Guru:

·       Find Lufthansa Airlines

·       Find a Boeing 747-400

·       Put your mouse on seats 56 D

·       Notice this seat is color keyed red


Review:  Seats 56, D, E, F, G may have limited recline due to the wall behind and the proximity of the lavatories and the gallery may be bothersome.


Now, book your flight and make your selection either directly with the airline or online with full knowledge of the seats to avoid and the good ones to select.


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