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Global Positioning System (GPS)

The GPS was designed and developed by the U.S. government for use in military, commercial and scientific fields. This science was used to help vehicles, planes and ships determine their locations world-wide.

GPS is a satellite-based navigational system created from a network of 24 satellites placed in orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. The system was made available for civilian use in the 1980’s. GPS systems operate in all kinds of weather round the clock.

Use in Europe…GPS receivers are excellent travel guide sources… they work well in automobiles and travelling by foot… anywhere in the world.  Most auto rental agencies in Europe offer GPS with their rental packages and are highly recommended.  They are offered in English…can be excellent tools for finding the many unmarked roads and streets in European.

You can purchase your own portable GPS device in the USA and load it with International software.

Google Maps

With modern technology today you can go to Google and find an address with directions…anywhere in the World.

Many foreign hotels in small villages and towns cannot be found on any maps, but you can locate these on Google. My travel workbook always has copies of many Google maps.

Google Maps:

The European version of MapQuest or Rand McNally is Via Michelin which is a division of the French Michelin Tire Company. This is an excellent online source for driving directions in Europe.

Via Michelin Link:

• Directions in U.S. system

• Lists and costs of all toll roads

• Detailed distance and time charts

• Important travel information

On one of my trips to Europe, I downloaded and printed my driving trip instructions from Paris to Honsfleur, France. I used the "Via Michelin" driving program without any other maps.

My driving instructions started in Paris at the Gare de Lyon train station, where we picked up our rental car from AutoEurope.

The information indicated that the trip would take about 2 hours and was 209 km and the total cost for tolls would be 30.03 Euros.

I was given the instructions to take me to A-13 which is the road to Honfluer and returned back to Paris. The details for this trip were accurate and easy to follow.

This is an excellent program to use and it is free...

Via Michelin link:

Purchasing Maps

The largest online map store in the world ( has over 25,000 map related products of (Atlases, folded street maps, and travel maps). You will find country, continent, and province and city maps from all international World and European locations. Rand McNally is another good online Source.


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