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 "The best way to travel in Europe is on the train"

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Italian High Speed Train

European trains have kept pace with technology without losing any of their charm and romance.  21st Century travellers find it quick, easy, comfortable and even luxurious to travel over land by train to just about anywhere in Europe.  


 Just a decade ago the Channel Tunnel – a marvel of modern engineering – fulfilled the dream of a ground link between Britain and continental Europe.   

Today, the capital cities of Paris, London and Brussels are connected by the sleek and swift Eurostar, which has raised the bar on rail travel. 

Besides the high-speed trains, travellers will find many other kinds of conventional trains to choose from that not only get you there but also enrich your journey.  

Public transportation is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to get around Europe. 


Travelling by train in Europe is a quality experience. The system is well organized and simple to use. For more than 60 years, Rail Europe has been showing North Americans what Europeans have known all along: the best way to travel in Europe is on the train.  Click here for Rail Europe


I have always purchased my rail passes, tickets and confirmed reservations direct through Rail Europe.  You can get prices, rail passes, rail/drive packages, book sleepers and all necessary information about rail travel.   Be sure to check out the “rail pass” and look at the savings versus buying train tickets. The site is easy to use and navigate.  The schedules are accurate and kept up to date.  Click here for Rail Europe





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