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There is no question...travelling with electrical appliances can be a struggle...takes up luggage space...blows out international hotel fuses...find few electrical outlets. European hotels get blackouts when Americans plug in 110V hair dryers to the 220V European systems without converters.

Outside of a battery-powered flashlight, shaver and alarm clock...the rest of your travel accessories will need electrical power.

Each country has its own solutions to phone access and electrical power.

In Europe you must consider the socket shape and need a converter and adapter plug before you can use your appliances. Europe uses a much higher electrical voltage than the USA...usually 220V at 50 Hz or double the power for the U.S. which is 110V at 60 Hz. The exceptions are Britain, Northern Ireland, Malta and Cyprus...they use 240V at 50 Hz.

Most of the new appliances for travel, have built in converters for dual use. You can check the label for the range of voltage available for various units. This would cover hair dryers, electric shavers, cameras/camcorders, digital cameras and laptops. You still need the correct adapter plug for the European wall sockets. If you can make sure you have dual voltage units, you can reduce the use of converters.

You might be travelling with a large variety of electrical appliances. Make sure you have enough converters and/or adapters in case you are charging or using multiple units at the same time. It is not unusual to be charging cell phones, cameras and laptops during the night. It is a good idea to bring extra adapter plugs for the countries you will be travelling to.

Most European hotels have few electrical outlets...bring an extension cord with additional electrical outlets. If you are travelling with a partner, it is not unusual to have two cell phones, two cameras and one laptop charging at the same time.

Electric Shavers...curling dryers...cell phone chargers...hotwater irons...laptops and ipods

  Check to make sure you have the correct international jack for your laptop along with long cords. You can find a good selection of electrical converters, adapters and other equipment at Radio Shack, department stores, office supply and discount houses. Spend the time researching your electrical needs and be prepared to solve most electrical plug needs. Make sure you need any electrical device you take with you.


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