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Computers and European Internet Cafes

Internet computers

"Stay in touch with friends and family" 

Internet cafes are found all over Europe.  Large cities are being joined by small villages…with the growing cyber epidemic. You will have no trouble staying in contact via internet while travelling in Europe.

Make sure you understand the internet café system they are using.  Many of the keyboards may be difficult to use...some keyboards have a European set of keys and you need to know how to use them.

Hotels can offer a computer station for a fee.  Libraries and universities can provide free internet access.

The new ipads are very convenient to travel with, but you need to make sure to check with your provider as the costs to operate them in Europe, can be very expensive. This same advice applies to iphone users who want to access their email accounts while travelling.

Get an (easy access) email account like…gmail…yahoo…hotmail…to use while you travel across Europe.


If you do not need your laptop…leave it at home.  Airline carry-on restrictions and laptop safety make taking your laptop a real challenge.

Laptop notes:

Bring a set of plugs and telephone adapters and converters.  Europe operates like the U.S. with free internet service providers (ISP’s).  Wireless connections are found in hotels, restaurants, bookstores and public areas.

Dell computer has a list of technical requirements and components for international use for laptop usage in Europe and on aircraft. 

Free ISP website for Europe:




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