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There are good reasons to carry a cell phone….so you can stay in touch with other travellers during the day and with friends and family back home. Some accommodations do not have telephones (hostels, apartment rentals and some hotels) Using hotel phones can also be costly. Travelling with a cell phone can be very cost-efficient.

You need to do good research and see what your best options are.  The wrong choices are very expensive!

You should contact your cell phone provider to learn how you can use your cell phone in Europe. You may need an additional international chip or card. 

You might need to subscribe to a supplemental international service option with your cell phone company. You will pay very large amounts for roaming charges if you are not using the right process or system.  Europe has excellent facilities and good range and coverage for cell phones.

One of the most cost Effective ways to stay in touch when travelling abroad is the Mobal World Phones

The Mobal World Phones works in 190 countries, and has no monthly fees. It has been recommended by the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, INC, MSN, Budget Travel, Frommer’s and the Washington Post. If you are planning to go overseas, it works out cheaper to buy a Mobal World Phone that requires no monthly fee or recurring charges and it is much cheaper than renting an international cell phone or buying a sim card. The current phone prices start at $29.00 for 170 countries and $69.00 for 190 countries. Do the math and find out why this is the cheapest, easiest and most convenient way to go.

There is a European Cell Phone starting at $19.00 and works in all countries in Europe.  The charge for use is .79 per minute.

You have better reception and connections as Mobal World Phones use the local system in the area you are travelling. System automatically routes your calls to the strongest local carrier.  

You get your own international cell phone and number for life….it does not matter where in the world you are…your friends, family and colleagues always dial the same number to reach you.  This is some of the best worldwide coverage. When you return home from your international trip…put the phone in your drawer and wait for your next trip.  There are no monthly fees…just pay for your usage while you travel.  To learn more, see Mobal website:

Mobal GSM World Phone: Mobal World Phones


World Cell Phones For Travel


Calling Card option:  How Pingo works to save on International calls.


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