Travel Europe helps finding a perfect Holiday Rental in Europe 


Renting a holiday apartment instead of booking a hotel is a very common decision nowadays.  In fact, the rental of a condo abroad has become a great option for families who look for a comfortable accommodation, couples searching intimacy and friends who escape from the schedules and the restricted conditions of a hotel.  Besides helping you saving money when travelling, as you can cook your meals "at home", a vacation rental lets you live abroad feeling as a real local inhabitant.

The website was born some months ago with the aim of helping travelers find a holiday apartment that fits into their preference without need of jumping from a site to another endlessly. compares different vacation rental agencies on the internet and shows you the results in a single page, so you can save time during your search.  It works in a similar way as but focusing on the vacation rentals' industry.  At the moment, offers vacation rentals in up to 32 European cities including Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin or Rome.

During your search, lets you specify your preferences, the days you are going to stay in a certain city, the number of guests for the apartment and the number of desired rooms.  As a result, you will be shown a great variety of vacation rentals from different agencies that match your needs.  All the rentals are accompanied with photographs, a map with their location, a description of the condo and some information about the district where they are placed.

Another great benefit of using the web is the participation of previous guests' comments that help you create a realistic idea of the apartment you are about to book.  The website doesn't sanction any negative comment so you have the guarantee that the opinions are factually true.

The website also has a travel blog, with daily posts related to entertainment culture, sport, tours, events or family plans to do in each of the 32 ApartmentDistrict destinies.  Each post suggests something original and special to do during your days abroad, in order to help you make the most of your holidays.


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